About Rixin

  • 2001 Solar lighting system and photovoltaic module manufacturing, selling in more than 30 countries. 
  • 2004 Registered brand trademark in 2004, photovoltaic products in the northwest region widely praised.
  • 2007 It has undertaken more than 90% of the state-supported photovoltaic demonstration projects in Hubei Province, leading the field of photovoltaic architecture.
  • 2013 Completed the first megawatt photoelectric building in Hubei Province -- 1.2 MEGAwatt rixin Technology Photovoltaic Industrial Park
    China's first high-speed railway station room photoelectric building - wuhan railway Station 2.2 MW
    At that time, wuhan New City International Expo Center, which was the largest single photovoltaic building in the world, was built with 10 mw
    The first 13 "Golden Sun" photovoltaic concentrated contiguity application demonstration area project, rixin technology approved two of them
    A series of optoelectronic architecture integration projects have been completed, including the Building of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Wuhan Citizen's Home and China Optical Valley Future City
    It was approved as the modern service industry pilot of "BIPV Whole Industry Chain Application and Service" in East Lake National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone
  • 2013 Photovoltaic power generation will be introduced into individual homes and new rural construction, building BIPV green building, photovoltaic agriculture, photovoltaic municipal and comprehensive utilization of new energy and smart energy operation and management system, complete full preparation.
  • 2018 A series of agricultural and optical complementary projects, including 110 MEGAwatts in Macheng Zhongguanyi, 40 megawatts in Songbu and 40 megawatts in Xiaochang, will be completed
    We took the lead in carrying out a pilot project of photovoltaic poverty alleviation in Hubei Province, which has helped tens of thousands of registered poor households to get to the road of hope
    Complete the Ultra Low Energy Green Building Demonstration project of the Sino-US Clean Energy Research Center
    Strengthen the intelligent manufacturing system, further improve the whole series of BIPV building materials components, and launch a standardized customer system
    It has cooperated with Huawei to build a smart energy operation and maintenance service platform based on big data and cloud computing technology
    Join hands with top partners to create a beautiful countryside demonstration project with Liangzihu Photovoltaic pastoral Complex as a sample
  • 2019 Launch BIPV+ affordable smart energy solutions
  • 2020 Intelligent BIPV standardized products and services, scenery + energy storage, clean energy services and other areas to form the core competitiveness.
  • 2021 Fully cooperate with Huawei
    Baimw scenery integrated power station is connected to the grid, and Huawei is cooperating comprehensively in household green electricity and industrial and commercial green electricity.