• How long is the delivery of the solar modules? +

    We will arrange the shippment within 10-15 days after finishing the payment.

  • What is the difference between the Rixin BIPV system and the traditional roof distributed PV? +

    Rixin BIPV system integrates the PV power generation system, and is a set of high-quality metal roofing maintenance system with complete structure and meeting the architectural design requirements, including complete roofing building details such as purlins, inner plates, insulation cotton, outer plates, and PV power generation layer. Traditional roof distributed PV is a PV system installed on the roof.

  • What is the solar system? +

    Photovoltaic power generation is based on the principle of photovoltaic effect, using solar cells to directly convert sunlight energy into electrical energy. Regardless of whether it is used independently or connected to the grid, the photovoltaic power generation system is mainly composed of three major parts: solar panels (components), controllers and inverters. They are mainly composed of electronic components, but do not involve mechanical parts.

  • About 182MM 540WP standard solar moudle? +

    Please contact [email protected]. We will contact you as soon as possible.

  • How long is the service life of Rixin products? +

    12-year material & workmanship warranty.
    30-year linear power warranty.

  • What are types of cells for solar modules? +

    PERC 182MM、166MM、158.75MM、157MM

  • About BIPV solar module or solar syatem? +

    Please contact [email protected], we will provide professional service for you at once.

  • What is the application for solar system? +

    1. User solar power supply: (1) Small power supply ranging from 10-100W, used for military and civilian life in remote areas without electricity, such as plateaus, islands, pastoral areas, border posts, etc., such as lighting, TV, tape recorders, etc.; (2) 3 -5KW roof grid-connected power generation system for households; (3) Photovoltaic water pump: solve the drinking and irrigation of deep wells in areas without electricity.

    2. Traffic field such as beacon lights, traffic/railway signal lights, traffic warning/signal lights, Yuxiang street lights, high-altitude obstacle lights, highway/railway wireless phone booths, power supply for unattended road classes, etc.

    3. Communication/communication field: solar unattended microwave relay station, optical cable maintenance station, broadcasting/communication/paging power supply system; rural carrier telephone photovoltaic system, small communication machine, GPS power supply for soldiers, etc.

    4. Petroleum, marine and meteorological fields: cathodic protection solar power supply system for oil pipelines and reservoir gates, life and emergency power supply for oil drilling platforms, marine detection equipment, meteorological/hydrological observation equipment, etc.

    5. Power supply for household lamps: such as garden lamps, street lamps, portable lamps, camping lamps, mountaineering lamps, fishing lamps, black light lamps, tapping lamps, energy-saving lamps, etc.

    6. Photovoltaic power station: 10KW-50MW independent photovoltaic power station, wind-solar (diesel) complementary power station, various large-scale parking plant charging stations, etc.

    7. Solar buildings Combining solar power generation with building materials will enable large buildings in the future to achieve self-sufficiency in electricity, which is a major development direction in the future.

    8. Other fields include: (1) Matching with automobiles: solar vehicles/electric vehicles, battery charging equipment, automobile air conditioners, ventilation fans, cold drink boxes, etc.; (2) Renewable power generation systems for solar hydrogen production and fuel cells; (3) Seawater Desalination equipment power supply; (4) Satellites, spacecraft, space solar power stations, etc.

  • What is the advantage of solar system? +

    Photovoltaic power generation equipment is extremely refined, reliable and stable, long life, easy to install and maintain. Photovoltaic power generation technology can be used in any occasion that requires power, ranging from spacecraft, down to household power, large to megawatt power stations, small to toys, photovoltaic power can be everywhere.

  • What is the solar energy delivery method? +

    Solar photovoltaic power generation is divided into independent photovoltaic power generation, grid-connected photovoltaic power generation, and distributed photovoltaic power generation

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