All Black Module DDP315 (K)

  • Monocrystalline Cell: Mono 108pcs(6*9*2)
  • Maximum Efficiency: 19.4%
  • Power Output Range: 315-325Wp
  • Junction box/Connector : Ip68,split / MC4 compatible
  • Module Dimensions : 1600*1042*30mm
  • Packing: 30pcs/pallet (with Frame)

Product Introduction

Product Advantage

Green building materials standards

Designed in accordance with green building materials standards, 30% power generation guarantee.


PREC technology

High Efficient  the power generation gain is significantly improved with the back light gain.


More security

Component-level safety shutdown, power optimization, monitoring functions.


Reduce shadow occlusion loss

Half-chip technology + intelligent optimization technology.

Avoid shadow occlusion and reduce power loss.


Easy for installation

can achieve a flat & full installation.

Suitable for various applications.

Product Parameters

PREC Mono Bifacial Double Glass Module DDP315~325(K)
Test condition:irradiance=(1+0.1BiFi)1000W/㎡,ambient temperature=25℃,AM=1.5
Type DDP315(K) DDP320(K) DDP325(K)
Maximum power(Pm/Wp) 315 320 325
Maximum power voltage(Vmp/V) 29.3 29.4 29.5
Maximum power current(lmp/V) 10.75 10.88 11.00
Open circuit voltage(Voc/V) 35.9 36 36.1
Short circuit current(Isc/A) 11.54 11.60 11.66
Module efficient(%) 18.8 19.1 19.4
Module working temperature range (℃) 45±2℃
Temperature coefficient of Voc -0.30%/℃
Temperature coefficient of Isc 0.06%/℃
Temperature coefficient of Pm -0.39%/℃
Power tolerance(W) 0~+5
Mechanical performance parameters
Module dimension (L*W*H)(mm) 1606*1042*30
Module weight (kg) 20
Cable 4m㎡  negetive300mm, positive300mm
Junction box/Connector Ip68,split / MC4 compatible
Cell Nos & array Mono 108pcs(6*9*2)
Packing 30pcs/pallet
Quality parameters
NOCT(℃) -40~+85
Maximum system voltage(V) 1500DC
System maximum protection current(A) 20
Front/rear static loads(Pa) 2400/3600

Product Certification

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