Mono Bifacial Laminated Glass RXJJ-DDM310

  • Maximum system voltage(V): 1500V
  • Module Efficiency: 16.5%
  • Power Output Range: 310Wp
  • Module Weight (kg): 56kg
  • Module Dimensions: 1775*1060*11mm
  • Wind resistance: 2.4kN/m2

Product Introduction




Product Advantage

  1. High power output

30 year linear performance warranty, more than 30% additional power gain.


  1. Zero LID & PID

No LID, more power generation.

No PID, stable power generation.


  1. Fire safety performance

Higher fire safety class to minimize fire risks.


  1. Outstanding module performance

Higher power output, even under low light conditions.

Excellent low irradiation performance and below -0.38% /℃ temperature coefficient of Power.


  1. Wider applications & more flexible installed angle

No water-permeability and high wear-resistance, can be widely used in high-humid, strong wind&sand areas and not limited to traditional slope installation.

25 Years Solar Panel Warranty

Product Parameters

Product name Monocrystalline double-sided laminated glass Module
Type RXJJ-DDM310
Electrical parameters Maximum power (Pm/Wp)* 310
  Power tolerance (%) ±5
  Maximum power voltage (Vmp/V)* 32.1
  Maximum power voltage ( Imp/A)* 9.65
  Open circuit voltage (Voc/V)* 38.2
  Short circuit current (Isc/A)* 10.4
  Module efficiency ηc(%)* 16.5
  Maximum system voltage(V) 1500
  Working temperature(℃) -40~85
  Temperature coefficient of Pm -0.38%/℃
  Temperature coefficient of Voc -0.30%/℃
  Temperature coefficient of Isc +0.048%/℃
Mechanical parameters Fault structure(mm) 5 Low iron tempered glass+0.76PVB+single crystal double-sided cell+0.76PVB+5 tempered glass (3.2+3.2 glass can also be used, the thickness is reduced and the weight is reduced)
  Cable 4mm2/900mm
  Module dimension (L*W*H)(mm) 1775mm*1060mm*11mm
  Module Weight (kg) 56kg
  Wind resistance 2.4kN/m2

Product Certification

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