Poly Hollow Glass RXZK-MDN270

  • Heat transfer coefficient: 3.0W/m2K
  • Maximum Efficiency: 14.4%
  • Power Output Range: 270Wp
  • Maximum System Voltage: DC1500
  • Module Dimensions: 1775×1060×26mm
  • Wind resistance: 2.4kN/m2

Product Introduction

Product Advantage


Product Parameters

Product name Polycrystalline silicon hollow glass module
Type RXZK-MDM270
Electrical parameters Maximum power (Pm/Wp)* 270
Power tolerance (%) ±5
Maximum power voltage (Vmp/V)* 31.84
Maximum power voltage ( Imp/A)* 8.48
Open circuit voltage (Voc/V)* 38
Short circuit current (Isc/A)* 9.35
Module efficiency ηc(%)* 14.4
Maximum system voltage(V) 1500
Working temperature(℃) -40~85
Temperature coefficient of Pm -0.41%/℃
Temperature coefficient of Voc -0.31%/℃
Temperature coefficient of Isc +0.05%/℃
Mechanical parameters Fault structure(mm) 5 Low iron tempered glass+0.76PVB+polysilicon cell+0.76PVB+5 tempered glass+9A+5 tempered glass
Heat transfer coefficient 3.0W/m2K
Cable 4mm2/900mm
Module dimension (L*W*H)(mm) 1775mm*1060mm*26mm
Module Weight (kg) 70kg
Wind resistance 2.4kN/m2

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