Rixin Technology Solar Module Manufacturing Base

Solar Module Smart Factory

Solar Module Manufacturing Base is a wholly-owned subsidiary established by Rixin Technology: Huangshi Jinneng Photovoltaic Co., Ltd.

Rixin Technology Solar Module Manufacturing Base

Huangshi Jinneng is located in Huangshi City, Hubei Province. It was established in September 2011 and is located in Huangshi Jinshan Science and Technology Park, covering an area of more than 200 acres.

Solar cell automatic typesetting production line

It has the industry's leading intelligent manufacturing production line, its own product research and development team, and a complete product quality control system, which can provide customers with complete design, manufacturing, and installation solutions.

Solar cell automatic welding production line
Solar cell sorting and cutting

Huangshi Jinneng is a company engaged in the research and development, manufacturing and technical services of solar module products.

Schematic diagram of Huangshi Jinneng Photovoltaic Park

Huangshi Jinneng will continue the concept of "collaboration, innovation, integrity and service" and apply solar power generation to thousands of households.



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