The 23th EXEL Solar 2019


Booth No. : IS710

Exhibition time: June 4-6, 2019

Venue: Centro Banamex, Mexico

Organizer: VANEXPO

Supporting units: National Electrical Association of Mexico, National Electrical Manufacturers Association of Mexico, Federal Electricity Commission of Mexico, National Energy Conservation Commission of Mexico, Mexican Chamber of Electrical Equipment

The 2019 Mexico Photovoltaic Energy Storage Exhibition (EXEL Solar) is the largest and most influential professional photovoltaic power storage exhibition radiating to Mexico and even Latin America. The exhibition brings together professional energy information and major leading brands in the international new energy industry. It is an important platform for professional energy manufacturers to explore the North American market. The Mexico Photovoltaic Energy Storage Exhibition has been successfully held for 23 sessions, consisting of four major themes: photovoltaic energy, electric energy, battery energy storage, and electric automation. The exhibition is strongly supported by the Mexican Energy Conservation Commission and the Mexican Electric Association, and has made outstanding contributions to the green energy and environmental protection cause in Mexico.

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