Centralized photovoltaic power station

Centralized photovoltaic power station

Agro-optical complementarity

Rixin Technology has completed the technical preparation and business model preparation of photovoltaic + agriculture, and took the lead in realizing the investment and construction of GW-level photovoltaic new energy projects in Hubei Province. A number of photovoltaic + agricultural projects have been implemented in Wuhan, Ezhou, Macheng, Xiaochang, Shayang and other places, enabling farmers to transfer land to get rent, to earn wages for employment in the township, local governments to collect profits and taxes to promote development, to beautify the appearance of the countryside, energy saving and emission reduction A win-win situation such as improving the environment and achieving results in enterprise construction.



Photovoltaic agriculture, also known as “agricultural and solar complementary”, is a technology that combines photovoltaic power generation with modern agricultural planting, breeding, fishery, tourism, and high-efficiency agricultural facilities. It can realize the three-dimensional value-added utilization of land and build a modern and efficient agricultural comprehensive economy.

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