Huangshi Municipal Party Committee Secretary investigates huangshi production base


Company has always been adhering to the "based on the standardized management, in order to market demand as the guidance, in order to assure the quality strives for the survival, to customer satisfaction for theOn February 9 (the ninth day of the first lunar month), machines roared in the workshop of Nissin Technology's Huangshi Jinneng Manufacturing Base. Huangshi Municipal Party Committee Secretary Qie Yingcai led the heads of relevant departments directly under the municipality to the factory to investigate the resumption of work and production after the holiday, to solve problems and cheer for the company. City leaders He Yunping, Zhu Hongwei and Guo Bo participated in the investigation.

At the Huangshi Jinneng production base, Qie Yingcai and his party first visited the "Rixin Xihe" series of intelligent photovoltaic modules and monocrystalline 550W standard photovoltaic modules and other products, and then visited the automated production line. The production workshop is running at full speed, and many robotic arms dance flexibly and in an orderly manner. Yu Fei, general manager of Huangshi Jinneng, introduced the production operation to the research group. Qie Yingcai fully affirmed the green factories of Huangshi Jinneng, requiring demonstration and promotion of photovoltaic clean energy applications in government, industrial and commercial, and residential buildings, etc., and instructed Huangshi Jinneng to actively seize market opportunities and continue to promote transformation and upgrading. Improve quality and efficiency, make it bigger and stronger, form a leading driving effect, and contribute to the economic and social development of Huangshi and the national dual-carbon goal.

Huangshi Jinneng is an intelligent manufacturing base of Wuhan Rixin Technology. It adopts a new automatic production line and can provide a full range of products for centralized photovoltaic power plants, household green electricity, and industrial green electricity. The green electricity generated by the solar photovoltaic system installed on the roof of the Huangshi Jinneng Factory can meet about 90% of the electricity required for production. In the context of the dual carbon goal, in order to meet the rapid growth of new energy photovoltaic market demand, Huangshi Jinneng plans to expand its production capacity to 1GW within this year, and to 3GW within 2-3 years.

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