3MW photovoltaic application project of Dongbei compressor factory


Rixin Technology and Dongbei New Energy have joined forces to build a 3MW photovoltaic power generation system using the idle space on the roof of the factory building of Huangshi Dongbei Compressor Production Base. The annual average production of electricity is about 2.88065 million kilowatt hours, reducing the use of coal by about 857 tons and reducing carbon dioxide emissions by about 2338 tons, which is equivalent to afforestation of about 9676 trees for the society.

Photovoltaic power generation system adopts two type 545Wp efficient modules, mono single glass solar module and mono bifacial double glass solar module, independently developed and produced by Rixin Technologies. The bifacial double glass solar module is applicable to the application scenarios where the back can be powered by light and different back reflection scenarios can increase the power generation by 5%~30%; The single glass solar module is light and suitable for scenes with load bearing requirements.

Rixin 535~555Wp high efficient monocrystalline bifacial double glass module adopts gallium doped PERC technology, with module efficiency up to 21.48%, first year attenuation ≤ 2%, 30 year linear power guarantee, 5400Pa front snow load and 2400Pa back wind load capacity, reaching Class A fire protection and can adapt to various adverse weather and scenarios.

Rixin Technology has two Manufacturing Bases are located in Huangshi Golden Mountain Development Zone, with automatic standard production line and BIPV customized production line. The MES intelligent production management system strictly controls the quality of the whole process and each component can be traced back to the source according to the product identification code.

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