2.05MW Photovoltaic Power Station Project of Jinpai’s


In 2013, Jinpai and Rixin Technology cooperated to integrate PV into the roof of the plant ,has built Phase I 1.1 MW PV power station which has been running well and generating stable income; The company has won many honors of "environmental protection enterprise" and the national "green factory" certification. Only four liquor companies in China have won this honor.

Phase I 1.1MW photovoltaic power station

June 2022, Phase II photovoltaic power station will be built on the roof of the new plant which has been successfully completed in September.

Jinpai Company uses the idle roof of the plant area to build a photovoltaic power station. The total installed capacity of the project is 2.05MW, 1.1 MW in Phase I and 950.4 KW in Phase II. The annual average total power generation is about 1.99 million kWh and the annual average reduction is about 607 tons of coal and 1656 tons of carbon dioxide emissions; While reducing the carbon footprint of enterprises, accelerate the national energy revolution and the "double carbon" goal.

Phase II 950.4KW photovoltaic power station

As the project is located in the distillery, there are many inflammable and explosive substances such as alcohol, grain, Chinese herbal medicine, etc. In order to eliminate potential safety hazards, the power station is connected to the Rixin Technology intelligent operation and maintenance system, adopts Huawei new energy digital management technology and has reliable DC arc prevention and automatic shutdown functions; Once an abnormality is detected, the system will respond instantaneously for 0.5 seconds and cut off the circuit to reduce the voltage to 0V, so as to protect the safety of the power station and the plant.

The monocrystalline bifacial double glass 540Wp high efficiency module used in this project adopts gallium doped PERC and half cell technology, which has higher photoelectric conversion efficiency. At the same time, the back power generation gain can effectively improve the power generation.

Because the roof and ground of the park are flat and the structure is excellent, Rixin Technology uses a new light steel photovoltaic bracket independently developed and produced and uses the "optimal inclination" design to help maximize the power generation of the power station!

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