Huangshi Government Rooftop Building Solar System Project


The project can be provided about 153900 kwh for the on-grid power average every year. Compared with coal-fired power plants with the same power generation capacity, it can save about 46.91 tons of standard coal for the country each year. Accordingly, the annual emission of atmospheric pollutants can be reduced about 117.08 tons of carbon dioxide, 0.0056 tons of smoke, 0.025 tons of sulfur dioxide and 0.028 tons of nitrogen oxides.

Rixin Technology took active action and put forward the Action Plan for Huangshi Comprehensive Energy Station of Party and Government Organs, adding photovoltaic roof and photovoltaic rain and sun shed to Huangshi Municipal Party Committee Building, and elaborately creating a photovoltaic building integration (BIPV) Municipal Party Committee Building. Under the principle of high-level design, high standard construction and efficient application, under the condition that the project construction is difficult, the roof structure is complex and the project progress is guaranteed, the design, construction, service and management personnel are required to meet high standards, overcome the high temperature in summer and various tests, stagger the office hours, conduct civilized and standardized construction, control noise and other impacts; The project will be successfully connected to the grid on September 16, 2022.

Rooftop solar panel
Photovoltaic canopy

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