151.2KW Distributed Photovoltaic System Project


The project is invested and constructed by China Railway 11th Bureau Group Electric Engineering Co., Ltd. It adopts the most advanced intelligent distributed photovoltaic system. A total of 280 540Wp monocrystalline double-sided double-glass photovoltaic modules are installed, with an installed capacity of 151.2kWp and an annual production capacity of about 12.6 Wandu green power is given priority for daily office use in the building, and the excess power is integrated into the power grid, saving about 85,000 yuan in electricity bills per year, 2.13 million yuan in 25-year operation period, and emission reduction of 2,250 tons of carbon dioxide, 8.75 tons of smoke and 0.5 tons of sulfur dioxide , with good social and economic benefits. This project is an exploration and demonstration of China Railway Group's active implementation of the national concept of green and low-carbon development.

Mono Baficial Double Glass Solar Module DDG540(K)
Easy for installation
can achieve a flat & full installation
Suitable for various applications
Green building materials standards
Reduce shadow occlusion loss
Half-cell technology + intelligent optimization technology
Avoid shadow occlusion and reduce power loss

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