BIPV Photovoltaic Curtain Wall Project


Huangshi City is a mining and smelting base in China. It is rich in mineral resources and has rich "essence of the land". It is mainly engaged in nonferrous and ferrous metal mining, smelting and other heavy industries. Therefore, environmental problems are inevitable. With the continuous promotion of the "dual carbon" strategy, urban "green transformation" is imperative.

BIPV amorphous silicon photovoltaic panel

The BIPV project of Huangshi Golden Mountain Science and Technology Park Building constructed by Rixin Technology uses Rixin Technology BIPV amorphous silicon photovoltaic building materials to replace the original glass curtain wall to realize the solar power generation function, and avoids the abrupt feeling when traditional photovoltaic product modules are combined with buildings in appearance. This form of combination of photovoltaic and buildings has a higher land space utilization ratio than traditional photovoltaic ground power stations.


Rixin Technology Amorphous Silicon Photovoltaic Building Materials is a kind of photovoltaic curtain wall building materials specially designed for BIPV. Amorphous silicon film has a variety of color selection spaces and good light transmittance. The dark brown battery selected for this project has the function of solar power generation, and its appearance is highly consistent with the modern architectural style. It is one of the preferred materials for BIPV projects.

Rixin Technology has been engaged in the photovoltaic industry for more than 20 years and has a lot of experience in design, research and development and practice of various photovoltaic systems. It uses photovoltaic technology to customize the most appropriate photovoltaic system solutions for customers which creates the greatest value to output green and clean energy for the society.

Customized BIPV MODULE

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