Aerospace Cable 2.22MW Roof Photovoltaic Power Generation Project


In December 2010, Huangshi Golden Mountain Industrial Zone was listed as one of the first 13 "demonstration areas for concentrated application of solar photovoltaic power generation" in China. The 2.22MW roof photovoltaic project of space cable undertaken by Rixin Technology is one of the demonstration projects.

Hubei Aerospace Cable is subordinated to China Aerospace Science and Technology Group. It is a research, development and production base for aerospace grade special cables and a qualified supplier of military cables. Rixin Technology is a leading enterprise in the field of photovoltaic, especially BIPV in Hubei Province. The whole industry chain solution service capability of Rixin Technology from project development, design, manufacturing, construction to operation and maintenance makes a due contribution to the green development of the national military industry.

The project is connected to the Rixin Technology Smart O&M Cloud Center. Based on "big data, cloud computing", this service platform can provide intelligent visual data management for photovoltaic power generation system, including operation analysis, performance analysis, operation and maintenance evaluation, equipment analysis, etc.And can provide optimization solutions. It can also achieve real-time monitoring through mobile APP. Based in Hubei and radiating across the country, the operation and maintenance service of Rixin Technology has a professional on-site operation and maintenance team to conduct regular inspections to ensure the safe and normal operation of the entire life cycle of the photovoltaic power station from online and offline in a two-way way so as to maximize the benefits.

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