Solar Panel System for Industry


Application of solar panel system in garment industrial park

Since the garment industrial park has extremely high safety requirements, and the solar panel system has a lifespan of more than 25 years, the system must not have any safety hazards within these 25 years.

Garment Industrial Park Rooftop Solar Panel System

Rixin Technology provides safe and reliable industrial solar system solutions for the clothing industry.

The intelligent energy controller used in the system has AI intelligent active arc protection function, which automatically cuts off within 0.5 seconds to reduce fire hazards.

In an emergency, the voltage of the roof module can be quickly shut down to 0V

While improving personal safety, you can also control power generation data at any time through your mobile phone.

Rooftop Solar Panel System

The combination of "clothing technology and photovoltaic technology" has brought unique carbon reduction effects to enterprises.

Rooftop Solar System

Rixin Technology will continue to adhere to the customer-centered approach, provide sustained and reliable high-quality products and services, assist enterprises in low-carbon development, and assist thousands of industries in their green and low-carbon transformation.

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