Transparent solar panels change the photovoltaic industry


Transparent solar panels are different from standard solar panels

Transparent solar panels are a new product derived from the development of the photovoltaic industry

The main installation locations of standard solar panels are usually on rooftops and on the ground. The current efficiency of standard solar panels is 23%~25%, and mainstream cells include TopCon, HJT, and IBC.

Transparent solar panels have more installation methods than standard solar panels. They can be installed on roofs, walls, and the ground. And it doesn’t take up any extra area, and it can form an integral whole with the building.

Tansparent solar panels application

As the photovoltaic industry develops, transparent solar panel come in more and more shapes. Not just limited to rectangular shapes, in order to better fit the building. Hexagonal, triangular, arc-shaped and other transparent solar panel have appeared on the market

Hexagonal transparent solar panel

The introduction of transparent solar panels is of great significance to the photovoltaic industry. As the world enters the low-carbon era, the photovoltaic industry begins to grow, and various ground power station projects are established in various countries. With the establishment of large-scale ground power stations, the amount of available land is greatly reduced.

As available land decreases, the development of the photovoltaic industry will enter a bottleneck period. At this time, the transparent solar panel will not be affected by the reduction of land, because it is installed directly on the building. It can replace the wall and roof of the building. At the same time, families can also use it to build their own sunroom. This is so painful

With the development of the photovoltaic industry, the efficiency of transparent solar panels has also increased. Of course, it can achieve any efficiency you want. At present, its efficiency is 11%~20%. It is both beautiful and practical for home systems. For large commercial systems, it solves the weight problem of standard solar panels and solves the aesthetic problem. At the same time, it can provide green energy for businesses.

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